Taking Shedding to Communities

Q & A

Last updated: 20th September 2020

Q. What is Shed-in-a-Bus?

A. A mobile Shed that will take “shedding” to communities where there is no Shed. A bit like a mobile library/mobile chip shop, it will turn up probably once a week and local people can get all the benefits that we get from our fixed Sheds in the North and South of Basingstoke .

Q. When will the service start?

A. We had great hopes of getting the bus in service at the start of 2020 but…. first of all it took us longer that we expected to get the funding we needed and get the Bus. Having got both of these issues behind us, Covid-19 came along and delayed things further. We now hope to have the service running in late spring 2021, and can say little more than that until we know how and when Covid restrictions will be relaxed.

Q. Have you got a Bus yet?

A. Yes, a nice big Red one. It has spent a lot of time in Essex, too far away to work on it. That has all changed now that we have moved it to Basingstoke.

Q. What help do you need?

A. We want people in the community to help create and then run this community asset. More details are available here. If you are interested or know anyone that might be, please tell them about Shed-in-a-Bus.

Q. What is Basingstoke Shed?

A. A group of volunteers who make and mend things for the community. Good for us because it gets us out of the house/we make new friends/have a laugh while putting something back into the community. More details can be found by clicking here. Shed-in-a-Bus was conceived and developed by Shed members and we expect the conversion work to become a major Basingstoke Shed project, involving many of the Shed’s members.

If you have any questions not covered here or have any comments about the project, please contact us by clicking here.