Taking Shedding to Communities

Taking out the seats

With initial work started, we continued with the upstairs seats. Lots of spanner work and these are now all ready to be removed. These seats will be separated so that we have the cushions and the metal and the plastics available for separate recycling or disposal. Downstairs measurements were taken for the seating area in… (read more)

Day one on the Bus

With the Bus now in Basingstoke, a handful of keen ‘Shedders’ went along to check out the ‘double decker.  Armed with mops and sanitizer, spanners and masks we made a start on this exciting project. Good news: the bus now starts and runs properly (we had to tow it all the way from Essex). The… (read more)

The Bus arrives in Basingstoke!

Saturday the 12th September saw the bus that we have spent the last 9 months trying to move from Essex to Basingstoke finally arrive. Yes, we had to tow it because it was insiting on stopping for a breather every 100 metres or so. But the good people from Boyden’s brought their tow truck along… (read more)

Our latest supporter: The National Lottery likes us

The Shed-in-a-Bus project is enjoying aupport from many different people and organisations. We are delighted to have now received a £10,000 award from the National Lottery Community Fund to cover various conversion and running expenses during our start-up phase, This will make an enormous difference to the project. All we need now is the Bus… (read more)

The Shed-in-a-Bus project blog

This website is here to allow people to follow and contribute to the Shed-in-a-Bus project. We want to hear views and ideas from the community because we are doing the project to make Shedding available to a wider set of people than is possible through our two fixed Sheds in Basinsgtoke. Feel free to add… (read more)