Taking Shedding to Communities

Help us

Shed-in-a-Bus is a large project for a Shed to undertake and we need various forms of help. Some of this help will have to be financial – for example, we don’t think the DVLA will donate the road tax, but a qualified bus driver may feel like donating a little of his/her time to train our drivers. The paragraphs below show where we need help:

Driver training

The Bus, once converted, will be classified as a Mobile Project Vehicle. This means that our drviers only need acategory B (i.e. car) UK driving licence. While it is not a legal requirement for our drivers to be HGV qualified, we feel it wise to get some basic bus-driving experience for them. We are looking for an experienced qualified bus driver to take them through the basics of bus driving. offer help

Secure storage

We have been offered storage space behind locked gates in a school playing field. While this option can be made to work, we would have to take additional security measures (such as shutters for windows) to reduce possible vandalism. An alternative is to use commercial vehicle storage, which we have been offered at £150 per month. Another alternative, which we are exploring, is to find free or low cost secure storage where other large vehicles are stored. offer help

Maintenance (including tyres and MOT)

Like maintenance of a car, costs for maintenance of a bus will be subject to what needs to be repaired or replaced. We have budgetted £2,500 based on the experiences of another bus project project. Where possible, we will use the workshops and member experience available to us to make or mend spare parts in order to keep costs as low as possible. But if anyone knows where we can get low-cost or discounted parts and/or is an experienced bus mechanic who wants to help/advise us, we’d love to hear from you.
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