Taking Shedding to Communities

Day one on the Bus

With the Bus now in Basingstoke, a handful of keen ‘Shedders’ went along to check out the ‘double decker.  Armed with mops and sanitizer, spanners and masks we made a start on this exciting project.

Upper deck with seats that are being removed.

Good news: the bus now starts and runs properly (we had to tow it all the way from Essex). The engine has been checked and some parts fitted and the bus is now running beautifully. Upstairs work began on removing the seats in preparation for the workshop area fit-out. Almost all the handrail bars are now off. Downstairs surplus seats were removed from the back of the bus where the café area will be.

This area will house various kitchen facilities and a generator. Plans were also discussed for security and storage etc.  Meanwhile stiff and rusty bolts securing the seats to the floor were undone and ‘STOP’ bell-pushes carefully removed from handrails. In amongst the seats we found loose change, a plastic shoe, a Werthers Original (what else?) and a Morrisons Christmas shopping bill from 2016!

All nuts and bolts are being kept until we are sure they won’t be needed along with the seats and poles. There’s also a mop and bucket as the bus is in need of a good clean. In the next few days a basic programme of tasks will be put together.

There are of course some obvious rules. Members and visitors will need to book onto available sessions when published as we are restricted to the Covid rule of six. Masks must be worn as must Hi-Viz vests when outside of the Bus. Sanitizer is available on the Bus and other guidance is on notices. Further details to follow.

It’s great to have the bus in Basingstoke and be able to start on its transformation into a Mobile Shed that will be used to recruit new Shedders and start more Sheds. There’s lots to do from the basics to the more complicated, so opportunites for all!