Taking Shedding to Communities

About the project

Men’s Sheds are places where people (mainly men) go to make and mend things for the themselves and the community; this has a positive impact on health and well-being. There are now around 500 such Sheds open in the UK, with more planned. However, these Sheds are located at fixed sites meaning that, while they provide significant benefit to those within about 5 miles, no such facilities exist further afield. Shed-in-a-Bus helps to fix this.

Shed-in-a-Bus is a mobile Shed that is being built by converting a double decker bus into a mobile workshop. Shed-in-a-Bus will then visit subscribing communities on a regular basis (much like a mobile library), and members will board the bus to make and mend things and meet like-minded people, like they would in a fixed Shed. In this way, Shed-in-a-Bus will make Shedding available to more communities in and around the Basingstoke area.

Our aim for this project is to help communities understand the benefits of Men’s Sheds and to help them set up fixed Sheds so they no longer need vistis from Shed-in-a-Bus. At that point Shed-in-a-Bus will move onto other communities and help establish Sheds in them. It is also possible that we will see more moble Sheds doing similar work.

The project is the brainchild of Basingstoke Shed and our aim was to have the service fully running by this summer. Indeed we had four summer shows where we expected to is to be promoting Shedding and getting more people in Sheds, while helping start Sheds in two villages by visiting them each week and becoming their Shed. Then came Covid-19 and, like so many things plans had to be put on hold and delays accepted. But we are determined to make Shed-in-a-Bus a reality – it will just take longer than anticipated. In the meantime, we’lll do what we can, albeit in a socially isolated way!

We need help to make this project work – click here to see how you can help and/or get involved.